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I have always enjoyed music, yet could not find an instrument that would allow me to join in. I did some time in band and learnered the basics of playing a saxaphone. However; I always felt outside of the band, I could never keep up and was always the slowest learner. Seemed I was going to always be a listener and not a participator.

I have always had an interest in simple aboriginal instruments like didgeridoo and drums. My wife knew my interests and purchased me my first didge. Soon she followed that with a drum and I knew I had found my intrument. Finally an instrument I could handle. Each time I would play it I felt so much joy and searched for others to play with and began to learn tradtional rhythms. This lead to attending years of drum circles and working with many others around the circles to gain new rhythms and resources.

Now, with over ten years of drumming experience, I am hoping to introduce the joy of drumming to others and creative encourage self expression.
Our public drum circles are not fascilitated, just nice community jams welcoming anyone of any skill level.
So pick one of our public circles and come on out and have a great time with us!
To Support Drumming in Ocala
Below are some of the rhythms we play:
Notes On Playing
Aaron Schmidt