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Drum Community
Full Moon circle
Fairy Dust, Belleview
7:00PM - 8:30PM
River Rhythms
Silver Springs State Park
4:00PM - 6:00PM
You may be wondering what a drum circle is...each person will have their own explanation. In general, drum circles are community gatherings where drums (and other instruments) are played, the motivated dance, and others simply enjoy watching. There are always mixed skill levels at every circle - the importance is in finding a spot and adding in, mixing your voice with the community. Really good drum circles always have a "one" beat, a guiding bass line to join in and play on.
Our circles at Soul Essentials vary, we try to have a beginners circle to warm up and get used to the drum. Then an all out jam circle latter in the evening. We welcome all who wish to come to watch, play, sing, or dance. The rhythms vary, though we try to keep them simple or highlight the simple bass line for all to join in.
Come on out and have a great time with us!
To Support Drumming in Ocala
Below are some of the rhythms we play:
Notes On Playing
Aaron Schmidt